Hon. Mary Wambui Munene

The Street Families’ Rehabilitation Trust Fund was established on 11th March 2003 by the Local Government Act CAP 265 through a Legal Gazette Notice No.  1558 to address the concerns of all homeless, destitute and vulnerable persons in urban areas. It was registered as a body corporate in August 2010 under the Trustees (Perpetual Succession) CAP 164 Laws of Kenya (LoK). The Executive Order No. 1 of 2018 (Revised) on organization of Government of the Republic of Kenya, June 2018, assigned the Street Families Rehabilitation Trust Fund (SFRTF) to the State Department of Social Protection, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.

The Trust Fund is managed by a Board of Trustees (BOT) composed of a Chairperson and members drawn from diverse fields. The mandate of the Trust Fund include: The mandate of the Trust Fund is to Coordinate rehabilitation programmes for street families, Conduct public education on street families issues, Mobilize resources, fundraise and receive donations and fund street families rehabilitation programmes, Managing donations for the rehabilitation of street families through a trust fund, Monitoring disbursement and expenditure of funds, Advise the government and other relevant agencies on matters relating to the rehabilitation of street families.

In order to realize its mandate, the Trust Fund partners with stakeholders that include line ministries, County Governments, development partners, Non-Governmental organizations, Faith Based Organizations, Civil society Organizations, reformed street persons volunteers, among others to undertake rescue, rehabilitation, reintegration and re-socialization of street families.


HON. Mary Wambui Munene

Chairperson Board Of Trustees